Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Object to finish a Picture

If there is a bland background, break monotony by adding some interesting objects in the foreground. Like a face of a child, pair of chapals, some coconut covering, your leg, add something to the picture extra from outside the frame of the picture, so that the picture becomes more vibrant. Here are some of my pictures.

Totally vibrant chapal breaks the break ground
The lamp shows there is light in the dark

If I would have snapped only the musicians, it would have been a normal picture. Now I saw this board, it gives an feeling of dancing with the music


  1. Lovely pics! Especially the first one.
    Looks like the slipper belongs to a person who cares about his slippers also, who has beautifully left it over the sand before playing in the beach!
    That is what I felt when I saw the pic!

  2. @Spicy Sweet: Hey thanks for coming by... Diveghar is the name of the beach near mumbai on route to Goa.. it was a great beach 2 years ago, now it has been commercialized and is not great. This picture was one such rare days when it was clear :) :) Yes the chappal belongs to my friend's sister

  3. The last picture has to be my favourite. The board changes everything.