Sunday, August 7, 2011

Law of 3/4th or 1/4th

The Law of 3/4th or 1/4th says that the horizon in the picture being taken should always be in the upper half of the picture taken, or the lower half of the picture taken. It should not  be exactly in the center of the picture. As seen the following pictures taken at different instances, I have tried to follow this rule and hence the picture speaks for itself. If the picture would have been taken with the horizon in the center, then it might not look so lively.

Next time you take a picture of sun-set, note this and your picture would come out totally majestic. Keep snapping.....

Law of 3/4th with the horizon on the upper quarter of the picture

Law of 3/4 th with horizon on the lower half of the picture


  1. The law makes sense!
    But in the sunset picture, it's not easy to get so little of that ocean in the frame, unless you were standing on top of a mountain pointing the camera down.

    Or crop in post-process.

  2. Depends on your prospective. Here i did not want much of ocean as it was pretty dark. I could have enhanced it in photoshop, but it would look artificial. There is always layering, which could be used in case of such pictures, where you can take three pictures, one with less exposure, one correct and next over exposure, and then merge them. Thats how great photographers do it. :) :) Use a wide angle camera lens and you will be surprised by the coverage. :) :) Here i am using at 17mm on my 17-40mm L series wide angle lens.